Picture of Graphics in a text world.
Sometimes when sitting at a text only terminal, It would be nice to see some kind of picture even if it was crude. For example, you just got an email saying you have to look at this picture! Here you will get a chance to experiment with pictures from the command line. Thought not perfect, you may have to stand back a bit to get the full effect of the pictures. Also too, if you want to put pictures on the text only lcd signs, this is a good way to convert the pictures.

Note: the higher screen resolution you are using will improve the pictures.

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Step 1: Get some software.

Picture of Get some software.
You will need a jpg to ascii converter, image converter, and a page grabber.

For Ubuntu based machines:
sudo apt-get install jp2a imagemagick curl wget

Step 2: Conversion to jpg format.

Picture of Conversion to jpg format.
Screenshot-eddie@oesrvr104: ~-Downloads.png
Someone just sent me the robot picture which is in ,png format.I need a jpg format. No problem...

$ convert robot.png robot.jpg

Now you want to display the picture.

$ jp2a -b --colors rogot.jpg

it is that simple.

devicemodder6 months ago

cant post comments from lynx. :-(

Computothought (author)  devicemodder6 months ago

Probably because the site requires javascript and lynx does not support it.

ok thanks

sunshiine3 years ago
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Computothought (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
Thank you. I thank the authors of the software for doing something so amazing.