Grapho-Sphere translates to 'Writing-Ball' and is an assistive writing tool for persons who cannot fully move digits in hand, do have some gross motor skills but lack ability to develop fine motor skills and have cognitive ability and desire to sign own name when required to do so.

Foam of desired density (I’m using a foam football that was perfect)
Large bread knife
Small paring or steak knife
Tape measure/ruler
Index card
Small stick/toothpick (I used a small Alen Key)

Individual A (person for who i made the tool):
Can’t grasp a pencil/pen
Can loosely grasp a large marker
Can (due to resistance in hand function and foam density) hold a soft rubber/foam ball

Depending on a persons degree of ability the ball can be made with different foam densities. I chose a medium soft foam for the individual after having them test it out.

Also pictured are my original sketches.


Step 1: Measure & Divide

First I measured the palm of the persons hand that I was designing the tool for. It was 3 inches.

I then marked the 3 inches onto the index card and made a 3x3 square.

I cut the football in half between the middle to laces, I sawed with the bread knife. 
<p>seems interesting and convenient to make &amp; use...I'll too try it out.</p>
looks good. i saw this and imagined that Oogoo could be used. Its a sugru substitute.
FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>I have the same pen as you <br><br><br>these things are getting pretty popular
Now I think about it there are all sorts of everyday tools with narrow handles that this could work for- cutlery, toothbrushes, paint brushes- none of which would be very fun to use if you had restricted movement in your fingers.<br> <br> I'll remember this for if my desk job ever gives me RSI!<br>
I have actually had it used with a paint brush for a young child with CP! HE LIT UP SO MUCH WHEN HE COULD FINALLY PAINT!! :)
excellent story!
Very nice! <br /><br />It would be helpful if you put a picture of the finished writing aid as the Intro image, as it's the one that shows up everywhere. It took me a while to scroll down and see what you were making.
Ah, yes that would make sense! Lol, thank you. <br><br>Done and Done! :)
Love seeing ingenious assistive devices. Well done!
Very cool idea! Someone who's had carpel tunnel or other surgery or arthritis could benefit from this.

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