Introduction: Grasshopper/Insect Container

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•Any knife

•Tennis ball container

Step 1: Remove Label

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Peel off the label from the container, this is no longer required and can be discarded. If a sticky residue remains, a hot water bath can usually do a good job at cleaning off any remaining adhesive.

Step 2: Cut Slits

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Carefully cut one slit straight across the diameter of the lid. Then cut another slit perpendicular to the first. Doing this creates an effective one way gate for grasshoppers and other insects that you may want to keep inside. This gate allows them in, but with no way out.

Step 3: Finished Product!

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To put something into the container, simply push open one of the flaps and let go once it is inside. To empty or clean it, just take off the lid.


It's great to be able to see bugs up close in things like this. Thanks for sharing!

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