This is an easy Halloween project my son and I did to create a graveyard fence. This is my first instructable, so enjoy. There are a lot of project pages out there that have great graveyard props and tips, but I didnt see any that started with pre-built fencing or trellis. So here you go.


1. Sections of Garden Trellis
2. Metal garden stakes (2 per trellis)
3. Zip ties (4 per trellis)
4. Black paint (1/2 can per trellis + 1 more can)
5. Halloween ornaments, plastic skulls for example (2+ per trellis)


Scissors/knife (to trim zip ties)
Pliers (to pull wood staples)

Step 1: Purchase Garden Fence or Trellis

I found some great trelli (?) at the Depot. They were about $9-12 each. Remember, I was trying to save some time and effort here. I'm not sure that this was any more expensive than purchasing all of the wood or PVC.
<p>This is a brilliant idea. I only wish I had seen it sooner.</p>
There are 6 section of fence in the photo.
How many sections of garden trelli did you buy? The size would be perfect in our yard. =D
is there something for the top i could make
I've seen several different decorations for the tops of the posts. We used premade styrofoam skulls hollowed out in the bottom and hot glued. <br><br>Also seen people make arrowhead-shaped toppers to complete the wrought iron look. Just about anything would work. <br><br>I would suggest browsing a Halloween store to find something cheap and creepy and the apply some kind of black, grey, etc paints for antiquing/aging/rusting effects.
LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to try this for Halloween 2011!!!!!!!!!!!
&nbsp;Very Cool!&nbsp;<br />I envy you, outside at this time in shorts!<br />Might try this next year (before it gets too cold!)<br />
A very interesting idea! I must admit that I was expecting something else when I read the title. More of a "Highlander" type thing...
Funny. Would make for a very ironic Halloween graveyard scene for sure...a few Highlander types dueling...
Wow! I have seen a lot of graveyard fences be made and this was by far the easiest and quickest way I have seen yet. Great idea. Can't wait to see your other halloween instructables.
Very, cool. I will probably use this for decorating next year. Simple, easy, and not that expensive. NICE!

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