Picture of Graveyard Fence
This is an easy Halloween project my son and I did to create a graveyard fence. This is my first instructable, so enjoy. There are a lot of project pages out there that have great graveyard props and tips, but I didnt see any that started with pre-built fencing or trellis. So here you go.


1. Sections of Garden Trellis
2. Metal garden stakes (2 per trellis)
3. Zip ties (4 per trellis)
4. Black paint (1/2 can per trellis + 1 more can)
5. Halloween ornaments, plastic skulls for example (2+ per trellis)


Scissors/knife (to trim zip ties)
Pliers (to pull wood staples)

Step 1: Purchase garden fence or trellis

Picture of Purchase garden fence or trellis
I found some great trelli (?) at the Depot. They were about $9-12 each. Remember, I was trying to save some time and effort here. I'm not sure that this was any more expensive than purchasing all of the wood or PVC.
gigemags (author) 1 year ago
There are 6 section of fence in the photo.
How many sections of garden trelli did you buy? The size would be perfect in our yard. =D
tinker2343 years ago
is there something for the top i could make
gigemags (author)  tinker2343 years ago
I've seen several different decorations for the tops of the posts. We used premade styrofoam skulls hollowed out in the bottom and hot glued.

Also seen people make arrowhead-shaped toppers to complete the wrought iron look. Just about anything would work.

I would suggest browsing a Halloween store to find something cheap and creepy and the apply some kind of black, grey, etc paints for antiquing/aging/rusting effects.
pixystix174 years ago
LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to try this for Halloween 2011!!!!!!!!!!!
geekazoid5 years ago
 Very Cool! 
I envy you, outside at this time in shorts!
Might try this next year (before it gets too cold!)
chiok6 years ago
A very interesting idea! I must admit that I was expecting something else when I read the title. More of a "Highlander" type thing...
gigemags (author)  chiok6 years ago
Funny. Would make for a very ironic Halloween graveyard scene for sure...a few Highlander types dueling...
thebludshed6 years ago
Wow! I have seen a lot of graveyard fences be made and this was by far the easiest and quickest way I have seen yet. Great idea. Can't wait to see your other halloween instructables.
mg0930mg6 years ago
Very, cool. I will probably use this for decorating next year. Simple, easy, and not that expensive. NICE!