Picture of Graveyard Obelisks from Cardboard.
Today ole Pappy Navarre is gonna teach you how to supplement your yard haunt with obelisks that you can easily make from scrap cardboard.
Sheets of the biggest cardboard that you can scrounge
Long straight edge to draw with and fold over
Hot glue and glue gun
Box cutter and extra blades
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Step 1:

Picture of
First, you need to score some cardboard.  The bigger, the better but you can use whatever you have.  I really like going to the local furniture stores.  They have HUGE boxes.   They are usually full of stuff; but I hear that they really like it when you just dump all of the crap on the ground in the box corral (just kidding, be cool about it).  I also went to our local recycle yard and scored some 4x8 sheets.
Next, we are going to cut a template to do the sides of the obelisks:
Get the straightest edge that you can.  From that edge, measure and draw a line 5 inches.

Step 2:

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At the base of you template make a mark 1 inch from the edge and 9 inches from the edge.

Step 3:

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At the other end, make a mark at 3 inches and 7 inches.

Step 4:

Picture of
Connect the dots.

Step 5:

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Add a pyramid to the top.

Step 6:

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Cut out you template with a box cutter and use the aforementioned template to draw the 4 sides of your obelisk.  You can use this same template to make the obelisks as tall as you want.  The angle is the same if they are 3 feet tall or 7 feet tall.

Step 7:

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Draw tabs on the edges so that you will have something to fold under and glue later. Cut the obelisk out along these tabs.  DO NOT CUT IT INTO INDIVIDUAL SIDES.