Gravity Falls Journal 3 Tutorial


Introduction: Gravity Falls Journal 3 Tutorial

About: Hi! My name is Marie Avril and I'm from Moscow. My video tutorials are in russian, but I hope you can understand it too ;)

Hi! My video is in Russian, but I hope it will be clear for you! If you have any question, I'm here to help you!

Enjoy the video <3

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    3 Discussions

    Could you explain how you made the tassel? The video was good, but if I could get a clear description on how it was made, that’d be great! (I don’t exactly speak Russian...)

    This is great! I am SO going to try this, but probably with a bullet journal or a lined paper notebook without the hoops. Great job! I’m also a big Gravity Falls fan! <3

    Absolutely wonderful!
    Going to try this one as soon as possible ;)