Picture of Gravity Hammer (Halo 3 Variant)
My aim was to produce a near full-scale replica of the Halo 3 gravity hammer using materials and tools commonly found in households, or those easily available to buy locally. Some metalwork skill is useful for undertaking a project like this, and it helps if you're already familiar with Pepakura (See step 1), but this is a fairly easy concept to get the hang of.

Materials are as follows:

34 Sheets of 160gsm A4 card (Some call it cardstock)
150cm x 3cm Aluminium or PVC tubing
Several metres of Steel or Aluminium tubing (1-1.5cm diameter, square or round)
500ml can of expanding insulation foam (May require more if it is a low expansion variety)
Fibreglass and resin (Optional)
5mm Thick modelling foam for the head details
Spray / Acrylic paints (Greys, silvers, blue, black, white)
Fabric / Leather swatches for the handle grips

Step 1: Papercraft

Picture of Papercraft
The main shape of the hammer is created from a paper modelling tecnique known as "Pepakura". It's more commonly used for armour or masks, and strengthened with fibreglass, but it is also fairly effective for making weapon props. The program called "Pepakura Viewer" allows specially made 2D nets to be printed  (Just use google to find the files, or search for them on 405th.com)

There's no point in me providing a step by step guide to Pepakura, as there are already so many guides, but the basic idea is print, cut out, and stick together. I prefer superglue as a method of sticking tabs, because it sets faster than hot glue, and has a negligible separation between the layers of card/paper.

The model I used was composed from about 6 main pieces, all intersecting on the virtual model, So I had to decide which I would create my own cuts/tabs for (All of the head, some bits on the shaft, and the hilt), and which I would make exactly as the net dictated, and cut to fit the main model after (Two blocks between the head and the blade). The blade itself only needed some holes cutting to fit the steel tubing through.
KaiL12 months ago
KaiL1 KaiL12 months ago

nice. can you send my the pepakura data file from the gravity hammer. my E-Mail mole.dole@gmx.de

Grandon3 months ago

Nice Job! if you could, can you email me how you made the assult rifle that you used in the pic. email me at greenleaflegolas46@gmail.com.

Really good job!! :)

ultimut cat3 years ago
to bad i cant smash someones face in :(
coat the insides with some heat resistant clay, melt some lead, pour it in, smash some faces. or make the whole ting with cast iron.... aaaaaaand smash some faces...
good idea! but.... that would be imensly heavy.

I suppose you could work on making a working suit of power armour (you'd be able to lift it then)

iSuat1 year ago
jlee361 year ago

I can finally start my own Griffball league, thank you!

Shadow Of Intent (author)  jlee361 year ago
Awesome, good luck with that!
Sam DeRose1 year ago
So cool!
c j r p2 years ago
c j r p2 years ago
what keyword do i insert to search for the 2d net
Shadow Of Intent (author)  c j r p2 years ago
If you want a particular file, search something like
"pepakura gravity hammer", or
"gravity hammer .pdo"

Failing that, go to 405th.com and use the search bar for the weapon/item you want.

There are almost no traces of the gravity hammer file online anymore, and quite a few people asked me for it, so I uploaded the version I re-sized to 4shared, although some people said the couldn't access it:
mikeasaurus3 years ago
That looks great! Any more Halo props in the works?
Shadow Of Intent (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
I have a full set of Halo reach armour under construction, but that's incredibly slow progress. The most recent picture of the whole thing is here:


Since taking that, I've made the other kneepad, shin, and both boots, but only half the pieces are fibreglassed. Once Halo 4 comes out, I'm pretty much set on making the scattershot, and this time I'll be using LEDs!
Whoa, that looks cool. Please share here when you're done, we want to see how it looks when it's worn!
William9303 years ago
That looks great!