Picture of Gravity Puzzle
in this instructable ill show you how to make a gravity puzzle.
   I didn't come up with the puzzle itself i just wanted to make a box for it. it is a smaller version of the one i saw on youtube heres the link to the video. the physics of the puzzle is no mystery its all about the center of gravity
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Step 1: Design

Picture of design
i say thanks to my grandfather who helped me cut the pieces and lent the tools for the box.
i grabbed a smallish piece of scrap plywood and drew out what i wanted on the board

Step 2: Build

Picture of build
puting the box together was sort of challenging because i didn't have a clear plan on construction of the box. if you look closely the pieces are connected at 45 degree angles. the pieces i glued together using wood glue and let it set for a few hours and the lid is a  t-shaped piece it stays on through friction. the nails have no points because i wanted to take it to school to showoff and didn't want to be troubled by the security guards it also gives the nails a unique coloring. 

Step 3: Solving the puzzle

i put a nail in the top of the box.than put a nail on the table and set the nails in alternating directions. once i got to the end of the nail i set the last one on top of all the others facing the opposite direction of the second nail.once you have the nails placed correctly pick up the bottommost nail with your middle fingers and place the nails on top of the first in the box. if you dident understand my directions well enough i suggest looking through the pictures. if you have any comments, criticisms, or questions please leave them in the comments or pm me.
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samjohn1 year ago
flembag1 year ago
I did it it's really cool
zenderon1 year ago
cool seen it before but love it
Matt5101 year ago
i saw this on scam school
Did this in science class got 42 nails on without touching ground
spyder20211 year ago
never seen that one before. its pretty cool. thanks