Step 3: Create thickening slurry

Picture of Create thickening slurry
The juices on their own will be too thin to make gravy with, so you'll need to add in something to thicken the mixture up. The most common way of doing this is to make a thickening paste called a slurry using flour or cornstarch. Here I'm using cornstarch, but flour is certainly the more conventional way.

Cornstarch has almost twice the thickening power of flour, so use about half of much. Also, another nice perk about cornstarch is that it's almost impossible to end up with lumps, a common occurrence in gravies using flour, and, it's gluten free!

Mix about one tablespoon of cornstarch with 1/2 cup of ice water. Whisk it thoroughly in a bowl for a few seconds until it's an even white liquid. You're probably asking yourself, "this doesn't look very thick, what's up Noah?" Patience, patience, the cornstarch has to be heated to above 200 degrees F before it thickens.

  • You may need to make more or less of this mixture depending on how much gravy you're making.

** It doesn't really matter how much meat juice you've got to start, you can keep adding your thickener if you've got a lot of juices.
haoran4 years ago
"it's almost impossible to end up with lumps" ... if you put it into cold water!

If you make a mistake and put it straight into your gravy, you're going to have lumpy gravy!