Gray-B-Gon wind-powered evapotron for graywater disposal

Step 11: Mount the power and idler masts

Picture of Mount the power and idler masts
gusset bolts.JPG

Summary: Drill bolt holes in two trapezoids, and mount them to the tray and masts.


  • two 1/2" plywood trapezoids (gussets for masts).
  • 2x2's, 12" and 60" long (the masts).
  • twelve 1/4" carriage bolts 2-1/2" long, with 4 washers and hex nuts, and 8 wing nuts.

Drill body holes for 1/4" bolts in the two gussets, as shown in the Hole Location drawing. In one gusset, drill one of the bolt holes distinctly out of position, so that when you dismantle and later reassemble your evapotron you can't mount the masts on the wrong sides. Note: these four bolts are inserted and removed repeatedly; this will be easier if you clean out the 1/4", holes in the gussets and the 2x4's. Or you can wiggle your 1/4" drill in circles to widen the holes.

Position a gusset on the outer face of the tray, over the "deep end" shims, centered 15" from the tray's outer end. Align the gusset bottom edge with the 2x4 bottom edge (not the plywood floor's bottom edge), and clamp it in place. With the gusset holes as a guide, drill one bolt hole through the 2x4. Insert a carriage bolt from the inside of the tray and tap it home with a hammer. Add a wing nut and hand tighten.

Repeat with the other three bolts; then repeat on the other side with the other gusset and mast.

Stand a mast on the tray rim, centered on a gusset; clamp loosely while you square the mast with the tray, then tighten the clamp.

Drill a 1/4" body hole through the mast, insert a bolt from inside, and add a washer and hex nut. Repeat with the second mast bolt.

Repeat with the other gusset and mast.

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