Gray-B-Gon wind-powered evapotron for graywater disposal

Step 23: Make the pulley wheel for a freehub

Picture of Make the pulley wheel for a freehub
pulley Y.JPG


  • pulley groove (1" PVC pipe with nonslip tape)
  • two flanges
  • 16-gauge bare copper wire, 12"

Cut three 3-1/2" lengths of bare 16-gauge copper wire, and hook them to spokes around the freehub. Bend the wires so they lie in the recesses of the freehub splines. Slide on the inner flange, then the pipe. Usually this is a good fit, but PVC pipe varies and it may be a tight fit. If so use a wood block and a hammer to get it seated. If you ever need to remove the pipe, I have succeeded by prying with a smallish pry-bar-like tool and a block of wood for a fulcrum, working my way around.

Mount the outer flange and bend over the ends of the three copper wires against it.

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