Step 23: Make the pulley wheel for a threaded hub (not recommended)


  • pulley groove (1" PVC pipe with no-slip tape).
  • outer and inner flanges.
  • 20-gauge bare copper wire, 9".
  • Gorilla glue and applicator such as a coffee stir stick.

Use an old toothbrush and cleanser to clean the threads on the hub, and let the hub dry.

Using the outer flange as a guide, mark one end of the 1" pipe at 5 equally-spaced points. Transfer the marks to the flange. Drill 3/32" holes at the marks, 3/16" in from each end of the pipe. Drill 5 holes through the outer flange, 3/16" out from the inner edge.

Now you will attach the outer flange and the 1" pipe. With needle-nose pliers, thread the 9" copper wire half its length through a hole in the pipe and a hole in the flange, with the flange's raw edge facing away from the pipe. Continue threading spirally, with the two ends of the wire moving in opposite directions, until the ends meet. Copper wire will work-harden, so minimize the bending; make gentle curves in the wire and don't draw it up tight yet.

Working again from the center of the wire, cinch each segment of the wire somewhat tight, removing kinks as you go. Twist the ends together.

Spread Gorilla glue to fill the hub's threads, and dot glue on the inside of the pipe at each of the five holes at the other end from the wiring.

Press and twist the wired-up assembly onto the hub. Let the glue cure for several hours. Gorilla glue expands as it cures, and may ooze through the holes to create mounds on the pipe surface. Scrape these off after about a half hour, before the glue hardens.