Gray-B-Gon wind-powered evapotron for graywater disposal

Step 27: Make the drive belt

Picture of Make the drive belt


One pair sheer panty-hose.

10 ft. soft clothesline rope.

The drive belt is made of one sheer panty-hose leg and about 8 or 10 ft. of clothesline rope, tied together with fisherman's knots. Why clothesline? Nylons alone are too stretchy; a strong wind can blow a belt of nylons off the drum. Use more rope than needed: temporarily tie excess rope alongside the nylon leg.
The panty-hose will supply a leg; the remainder supplies the material for a bucket filter. Tie a tight overhand knot at the top of one leg and cut the leg off just below the knot.

Join leg and clothesline with a fisherman's knot, no tighter than necessary: Tie a loose overhand knot close to an end of the rope; slip the end of the nylon leg through, and tie an overhand knot in it that encloses the first leg. Tighten the knots a little by pushing each overhand knot closer to its leg's end. Avoid pulling on a short end.

Wet the belt and give it a stretch. Tie the remaining nylon end and a portion of the rope, to make a loop around the drum and pulley. Adjust the belt length to get the lowest tension that will turn the drum.

If the belt (with some simulated playa wind) isn't turning the drum at all, lengthen it it by sliding apart the fisherman's knots. If the belt is lifting the drum's underside, it may be tighter than needed and will lift the drum fabric away from the water in the tray.

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