The Gray-Hoverman antenna final assembly is straightforward once all the parts are made. This is the last of several Instructables covering construction of this antenna that receives UHF stations and, optionally, those in the high end of the VHF band. A list of the other instructables is provided. To see my related Instructables, click on unclesam in the INFO box at right then repeatedly click NEXT to page through them all. I built a single-bay version of the double-bay antenna described in the downloadable color pdf drawing found at this link http://www.user.dccnet.com/jonleblanc/Canada_TV_Stations/Gray-Hoverman/DBGH_VHF_hi_Antenna.pdf. This Instructable is not a plan for building a particular antenna, but the methods I used to build mine, which attaches to a standard length of 1 1/4-inch diameter metal mast, could be applied to the many versions of the G-H antenna. It is up to the builder to determine many of the specific dimensions, which depend on the version being built and on options and personal choices. Note the license information printed on the drawing, which is offered free for private use, but commercial exploitation is prohibited. In the final step I include links within Digitalhome.ca that further describe the antenna.
The un-patented Gray-Hoverman antenna designs are available for anyone to use be they commercial or otherwise.<br><br>Commercial exploitation is perfectly legitimate.

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