Step 3: Insert NAROD Supports and the NARODs

Picture of Insert NAROD Supports and the NARODs
Slide, but do not glue, the two 1-inch by 1-1/4-inch tees on the ends of the lower of the crosswise element and NAROD support tubes that, along with the bottom of the PVC cross fitting, form three feet that allow sitting the antenna framework upright on a workbench.
Insert NAROD supports, and the NAROD end supports, into their holes in the crosswise horizontal tubes of the antenna plastic frame, but do not glue them at this time. See Plastic Craft for how to glue them in place when the time comes.
Slide in the NARODs and install the drilled pipe caps to capture them on the ends of the NAROD end supports, taking care no to bend the NARODs. (This arrangement is obviously overkill for supporting straight NARODs, however I wanted to be able to also support the optional "tophat" NARODs, for experiments. See Plastic Crafts Instructable for details).