Step 6: Cement the NAROD Supports

Adjust the NAROD supports so that all parts of the active elements will lie in the plane defined by the glued-in element supports, and adjust the end NAROD supports so that the NARODS will be straight. Remove the CPVC caps and the NARODS and mark all the NAROD supports for their depth and rotational position. Cement the NAROD supports in those positions and re-install the NARODs. Cement the four CPVC caps to gently confine the NARODS. Use brass screws and nuts, and bronze lock washers, to fasten the ends of the active elements to the NAROD supports, with the screw heads inside the CPVC pipe.

The un-patented Gray-Hoverman antenna designs are available for anyone to use be they commercial or otherwise.<br><br>Commercial exploitation is perfectly legitimate.

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