Step 9: Second Method for Reflector Rods

I used a tubing flaring tool to flare the inner ends of each tube, until it was a sliding fit inside a half-inch plastic pipe. A short length of smaller diameter pipe, such as PEX, split lengthwise, defines the gap between the two pieces of aluminum tube. An aluminum pop rivet is installed in each tube, so that it extends past the end of the half-inch plastic pipe. The plastic pipe cap presses against the pop rivet, which keeps the tube from pulling out. The tubes are marked so that the mark on one can be kept in its proper location while the other cap is cemented in place. The half-inch pipe is also marked to indicate when it is centered within the spine. The second cap is cemented in place once the assembly has been cemented into the spine of the antenna. Weep holes are drilled in the bottoms of the sides of the caps.
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