Paracord Keychain (Snake Knot)


Introduction: Paracord Keychain (Snake Knot)

Step 1: Materials

·2 1/2 feet of paracord or similar string
· key/keys
·nut, washer or any other object with a hole at least 2 milimeters diameter

Step 2: Starting

Take one end and put it through the hole of the keys and put the two ends together

Step 3: Adding Ornament

Put the two ends through the hole as shown.Leave one to two inches between keys and ornament.Then take the right strand and bring it around all the string.Then take the left side around all ropes besides the right strand and tighten.

Step 4: Making Snake Knot

Now take the right side and bring it around and through as shown then turn over repeat until the string runs out or you get close to the keys (leave 1 milimeter) .Now take the scissors and cut the remains and melt with lighter.

Step 5: Conclusion

you just made a key chain!



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