Introduction: Great Glitter Earrings

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For this instructable I'll be showing how to make glitter earrings. This instructable might not be as well put together or have very many pictures, but I hope it will still give you ideas for some cool creations.

Items needed:


-Super Glue

-Two Plastic Spoons

-Two Hooks


-Dremil (with cutting wheel and sanding drum)

-Drill with a small drill bit

Step 1: Add the Glitter

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Pour a little glitter into the spoon. Then add some super glue. Keep doing this until you reach the top of the spoon. Do it in small layers, and let the glue dry. I did this quickly and didn't let it dry, so it took a lot longer for it to dry.

Step 2: Cutting and Sanding

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Cut off the handle with cutting wheel. Then sand down to a teardrop shape (or any shape you want). It might help to sand down some of the glitter. If you do sand down glitter it will lose some of the shiny effect, so carefully put more super glue and glitter over it to restore it.

Drill a small hole at the top big enough to put a hook on it. Then add the hook.

Brush off all the extra glitter to prevent it from getting everywhere and making a mess.

Step 3: You're Finished

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After the hooks are on and it's all dry, go ahead and wear them around (I can't wear them because I don't have pierced ears and am a boy).

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And, I would like to thank my sister for typing this all up for me at 10:32 pm when she would rather be in bed. ;)


TheProcrastibaker (author)2015-05-12

These are awesome, I can't believe they are spoons!

thanks that's what everyone has been saying

Corinbw (author)2015-05-11

ooh those are some nice earrings I love the simplicity of it. I like the first picture a lot

Wow, these look great! I would never guess they were made out of spoons!

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