Great-Great Aunt Bertha's Pecan Pie Recipe





Introduction: Great-Great Aunt Bertha's Pecan Pie Recipe

This timeless recipe has been handed down through countless generations (OK, four) along the side of my family that hails from Kentucky. Maybe next time I'll post Grandma's fried chicken recipe.

This is a pretty easy recipe as far as pies go, and rather delicious for Thanksgiving. I made it to serve at a Thanksgiving dinner for international students at my college.

Step 1: Combine Wet Ingredients

3 eggs, beaten well
1 cup dark Karo syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup white sugar
2 teaspoon melted butter
dash of salt
1 cup chopped pecans, add last
(add extra nuts for high altitude)

Step 2: Combine and Bake

~Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
~Pour filling into 9 inch pie shell (I used a pre-made pie shell, you can make your own if you want)
~Put aluminum pie pan widget on top around the rim (see picture)
~Bake for 15 minutes
~Reduce heat to 350 degrees, bake for another 25 minutes
~Take the widget from the top and bake another 10 minutes

Step 3: Eat!

You might want to let it cool down first. It tastes great with vanilla ice cream.



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    10 Discussions

    amazing pie, your aunt is a great cook, i made it for my family and they loved it, 5* and favorited.

    those eagle-eyes who are noticing the similarity between this pie recipe and any other might want to know that pecan pie is really pretty basic, so most recipes do tend to be very similar. everyone adds their own touches and it becomes theirs. no big whoop. all that matters is that it's pecan pie, imho... :o)

    nothin beats my fried chicken, koolaid, potatoes and gravy recipes, mmm

    I love your great, great-aunt Bertha. She was, indeed, great ... great.

    I have a pecan tree in my yard and every year me and my dad collect the pecans and my mom makes pecan pie from scratch and it may be one of lifes greatest simple pleasures as far as I'm concernd

    That is the saddest thing I've ever seen. That beautiful pie, the work in doing everything from scratch, and IMITATION vanilla? ew! Ick! Bleh, Ptui! I know that real Vanilla is expensive, but nothing like the cost of pecans. At worst, you could grab a cheap bottle of Durkee's Vanilla at the market. It's not great, but still worlds better than that stuff, which tastes like they start with old newspapers, water, and fermenting under a tarp. Please, use some good Vanilla (I saw an Instructable on making your own, which sounds fun) in your recipe. If Great Aunt Bertha used the fake stuff, and that's why you're doing so, remember, poor old Aunt Bertha probably learned to make this pie on a wood stove. You don't use one just to be authentic, so why use a third rate ingredient with all the rest of the good stuff? Aunt Bertha would have upgraded, if the upgrade was available when she was baking pies. sorry for the rant, folks. By the way, great Instructable.

    Pretty much. I guess Aunt Bertha wasn't that original. But it is slightly different...

    Add some kahlua to it for a nice flavor
    Looks good, but isn't that the recipe from the back of the Karo syrup bottle.