Great Knuckleduster From a Wind Up Key.





Introduction: Great Knuckleduster From a Wind Up Key.

Or a giant wing nut.

Ok so this i'ble is on a handmade knuckleduster that
doesn't look like one when the coppas get you.

Now i find this more comfortable and effective than
regular "knucks" and a whole lot more comfortable too.

Step 1: Doo Whatsits and Whadjamacallits

What you need

Giant wing nut and bolt or big windd up key
(size shown in pic)

Gorilla glue

Fake (or real) leather scrap.

Step 2: Sizing and Glueing

Put the scrap lengthwise and fold over top. (first pic)

Fold The bottom up (second pic)

Once you have done that to try out get the gorilla glue and wipe
it over it than fold as in first parts of this step.

Step 3: Prettyfieng and Curing.

Once the glue is on get some nylon or other string and wrap
around the wing nut (or wind up key) at all the curves)

After a while it will stop being sticky and you can test
it out.

Step 4: Fnished!

Use for whatever you want within the perimeters of the law
or just keep in your pocket to feel safe.

You can varnish or buff it if you want but anyway ENJOY!



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Just be sure to inquire about your city/county/state/country's laws before carrying this on your person.

In a lot of places, it's not just what an item is that makes it a weapon, but how you intend to use it.

For example, as far as I can make out, where I live, the cops won't give you any trouble for a 3 1/2 inch folding knife, but knuckledusters, tasers and mace are a big no-no. Kinda backwards, I know, but it can be that way.

I forgot to specify - by "weapon" I meant "illegal weapon".

Why not be cool enough to avoid having to fight ?

I Just carry a Stanley screwdriver and maybe a hammer so if someone ask why I just say I'm a worker xD

lol I carry a detachable tazer, when i rip it in halves it looks like a battery and a broken circut box, hehehehe

hI (Hermann ?) . When i was 20 military service was compulsory, the barracks were in a place where people didn't really liked our short crops. Every friday there were fights. I have always avoided them by that simple technique : stay calm and steady and NEVER look angry shouting people in the eyes..

r 4 man specifically nothing puzzle like about the name. in the army did people try to mug you if so what did you do about it give them your stuff and hope they leave you alone? ps i got a message calling the creator dirty names because there is no reason to put a rusty piece of metal into someone you do not intend to kill even then only reason to kill is for mass defense (family protection, job as an officer, war ect)

You wrote comfortable 2 times

I wish I could walk around by myself and not carry anything for my own protection and still feel safe. I wish that I wasn't in danger of being kidnapped or raped and the police find me somewhere a few hours too late. But the thing is, I'm a young woman. I'm not strong, and I could never overpower a man. I agree that weapons are abused and misused, but sometimes, you need to be able to protect yourself. It can be impossible to talk to and make peace with someone who is sick in the head. Pepper spray is probably a good solution for people like that. I felt the need to throw this out there, because I have been stalked and carrying nothing does NOT make me feel safe. Other than that, this is a creative Instructable, though I'd never use it. -B