Picture of Christmas Tree from a Magazine
entire tree 2.JPG
A simple Christmas tree made from 2 magazines.

Makes for a neat decoration, or even a centerpiece (If you're the crafty type.....) and is tons of fun for kids!

If you've ever made a paper airplane, you can make this tree!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
Basically what you need is two magazines. The small hard ones are the best. I haven't tried with bigger magazines because these ones are the only resistant ones.

You'll also need some glue or staples.

Step 2: First Fold

Picture of First Fold
step 2 draw.bmp
step 1  3.JPG
Take the corner flap of the page and fold it inside to form a triangle.

Sorry but I had to blur the pictures a bit to avoid any trouble

Step 3: Second Fold

Picture of Second Fold
step 2 1.JPG
step 2  2.JPG
Now take the flap and fold it inside again. See the pictures

Again, sorry for the blur.

Step 4: Lather, Rinse, REPEAT!

Picture of Lather, Rinse, REPEAT!
comprees the tree.JPG
Repeat the afore mentioned with every page. To make it easier, don't fold the cover until you've folded at least 5 pages, that way you won't get mixed up.

Every now and then squeeze the pages together so they dont get in the way of folding the other pages

Step 5: Half-way There!

Picture of Half-way There!
Congradulations! You've made.....half a tree. Hmn.. that dosen't look enough..what do you do?

Make another one!

To make this tree you will need to make two halves from two magazines.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up
Now that you've got two halves, glue them together or staple them. This is kinda tricky so I couldn't take a picture of me glueing the halves. When glueing the tops you should squeeze them for a while because they tend to unstick

There You Have a Tree!!!

You can use some construction paper of some sort or cylinder to hold the tree up.

You can make other things to make it look good. You could try painting it, adding LED's, use your imagination.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!