Step 6: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up
Now that you've got two halves, glue them together or staple them. This is kinda tricky so I couldn't take a picture of me glueing the halves. When glueing the tops you should squeeze them for a while because they tend to unstick

There You Have a Tree!!!

You can use some construction paper of some sort or cylinder to hold the tree up.

You can make other things to make it look good. You could try painting it, adding LED's, use your imagination.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
Readers Digest work really well for this. You can use bobby pins to hold the 2 halves together. (Put a pin or two at the top and at the bottom.) If you paint the magazine red with spray paint, and then glue cotton balls around the 'belt', you can then make a face and hat for the top and have a nifty Santa.
Keith-Kid (author)  xanderphillips6 years ago
Bobby pins would help......thanks! And, the santa idea is great! I will add that! Thanks a lot!!
swedeheart7 years ago
Cute idea!