Great Nerf War Tactics and Skills





Introduction: Great Nerf War Tactics and Skills

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to get started you will need to get some Nerf Guns
here are some i recommend:


alpha troopa






night finder
secret strike

Buzz Bee Blasters (BBB's)


tek 6
single shot
tek 10


rapid fire
double shot


belt blaster
Tommy 20

Step 1: Assign Positions

Now what you should do is assign everyone to a different position in the team
here are some examples

Sniper - they hide in a tree or in a high place for maximum accuracy. Usually carries a Recon, Longshot or Longstrike
Spy - spies on the enemy so that they don't arrive without you knowing and give a sudden ambush . They take any single shot gun

Ammo collector - Collects Ammo supplies for the team. Uses a Maverick, Tek 6, etc. 

Machine Gunner - Goes out and ambushes the opponent. uses any fast firing gun; Raider, Alpha Troopa, Stampede, Barricade, etc

Defence - stays at base and usually protects the main gunners whilst they're reloading. uses a Vulcan, Stampede or any big gun with lots of ammo. usually fully or semi-auto

Step 2: Ambush

When you want to go for an ambush go out with 1 or 2 other people, this helps ALOT. make sure at least one of you is carrying alot of ammo. stay silent and stealthy so that you can creep up un-noticed. hide behind a wall or similar thing and wait for your enemies to walk past. then jump out and shoot. they will be taken by surprise and you will have the upper hand.

Or you can just sneak up on them until you close enough and then charge. this works well to. use a good gun though or you'll be shot, before you shoot them.

Step 3: Defence

Make your base so that there are some blockages around it, that will give you cover. set up your defensive guns behind these barriers, so that when the enemy comes, your ready. a good tactic is to wait for the enemy whilst your behind some cover and then shoot at them as they will have no-where to hide/take cover.

Step 4: Sniping

for a sniper, set yourself up where the enemy wont see you, but they are likely to walk past. Then when they do come shoot, and if your good and you judge the shot right, you should hit them. try and get in a tree or something similar, so that you are above the enemy. this gives you better accuracy. just don't fall out of the tree! double shot can be used for sniping.

Step 5: Spies

The spy on the team looks out and warns his team if an ambush is coming and of the enemy's whereabouts. He usually can carry binoculars and a single shot pistol. also can be an ammo collector

Step 6: Ammo Collector

this person is assigned to (obviously) collect ammo. they should carry any gun with more than 5 shots but less than 10, so the spectre, maverick, tek 6 and tek 10 are all good. They can also be a spy, as this job doesn't involve that much.

Step 7: The End

it it good to swap roles during play, unless you all have bought guns for your particular purpose.
find out which gun is best for you and use it as this will increase your accuracy and your ability to use that gun.

hope this helped you to win your next battle ;-)



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    This guide is great! I've used this to train my squad. (they were useless before reading this.)

    Watch this cool nerf wars video!

    Dude I think that a well equiped retaliator could count as sniper

    I would say that praxis could be sniper as well and nitron be assault. Disk guns are really customisable.

    The first picture for the spies what was that it looked epic and please make a tutorial on making that

    IMO, the longshot is the only real nerf sniper. The longstrike is just a recon in a different case, and the recon has a weaker plunger design.

    3 replies

    Exactly, but wwaayy cooler looking. I think I may take a LS's internals and stick them inside a Longstrike. Ooh, new project...

    Yea, It'll take some work, but I just checked, and the bolt sled is pretty much identical in placement. It will take quite a bit of work. Going to wait to get a second Longstrike to use first, though.

    Try to take our the air plunger and use the spring, but clog the hole on the spring.

    1 reply

    yep, can do that if u want. i have

    "they hide in a tree or on a wall for maximum accuracy."

    Yes, walls often are good for sniping on.

    Wait, WHAT?!

    got magstrike today

    specter might be good here same with barel break

    i got the alpha-troopa yesterday ;) it ROCKS!!!!

    2 replies

    barrel break is really cool

    im wondering if i should do an instructible on how to mod an alpha trooper
    and a nightfinder double spring or another mod. please tell me what mod u want me to show.

    Guys , Im A Pro I Beat My Whole School (INCLUDING SPORTS TEACHER :D)

    Its Quite Cool!