Learn how to make this fun and easy joke spilled milk. Video subtitled in English.

Step 1: To This Prank We Will Use:

  • A piece of acetate or clear plastic.
  • A glass.
  • Colbon and white or glue.

Step 2: We Started Adding Our Glue on the Glass.

Step 3: Now, We Take Our Acetate and the Place Our Glass.

Step 4: We Let It Slowly Irrigate and With the Help of Glue Bottle We Give the Way We Want.

Step 5: Now We Have to Wait for It to Dry for at Least a Day.

Step 6: And Once It Is Dry, We Will Cut Along All Edges.

Step 7: Thus, As It Has Been Our Prank List.

Now, there is only seeking the ideal place to place and hope that people be surprised to see this disaster.

Great prank! Like how you can reuse it!
<p>this is very funny and cool. i have to try this</p>
<p>Very funny, and very cool</p>
<p>Thank you for your comment! Greetings to you!</p>

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