How about drinking a Canoncino, Takumar Sunrise, or just a Zeiss cold beer?

I'm sure you have all seen the photoshopped picture of the Zoom Lens Coffee Mug.  I thought it was a ridiculous idea but deep inside I wanted one.  How hard could it be to take the optical glass out of an old lens and put in a drinking glass.  As it turned out, not that hard at all!

Now you can make your own.  But don't stop at something that looks like a zoom lens, make one out of a real zoom lens that still zooms, focuses, and changes aperture.  In fact, with the lens cap on, no one would ever know!

Seriously, please let me know what you think, ask questions, post pics of your own conversions, and if you like it, rate it!

Step 1: Find a Lens

How many times have you been searching on E-bay or at the local thrift store and found an old zoom lens that was going for a couple of dollars because it had scratched, cloudy, or fungus-ridden optics?  Now you know what to do with it.

Bigger is definitely better in lens cups, so a big long zoom or telephoto, especially one with a large front lens will make a generous coffee cup or cocktail glass, but you could make shot glasses out of 50mm lenses (if you can find a shot glass that will fit).

The one I found was around NZ$5 and was a Star-D brand 80-205mm f 3.8 lens.  I wanted a bigger one but I didn't want to spend too much before I knew whether it was going to work or not.

I also like the old 1-touch zooms (same grip zooms and focuses) so it seemed like a perfect "doner" lens. 
Hah, best idea.<br>Specially when compared to the store-bought zoom lens mugs, which are often poor quality (yes that is a real thing and you can look it up)<br><br>I bet you can do some interesting stuff with the optics and assorted parts you extracted from the lens, too.
I'm in the process of taking apart a lens nearly identical to the one here. I'm stuck on the zoom mechanism. How did you get yours apart, as I don't see any good pictures or tips on that here.
Basically, there are three common ways to disassemble most lenses.<br><br>1) unscrew rings holding the glass elements at the end. Old school lenses can usually be unscrewed and newer lenses may have rings glued on. They have to be removed first,<br><br>2) Remove small screws at the base or on the side of the lens.<br><br>3) Remove screws under the rubber grip.<br><br>Hope this helps
&nbsp;Definatly want to do this, but I can't find a lens anywhere.
&nbsp;Your profile doesn't say where you are, but I'd try your local thrift store. &nbsp;People are always getting rid of film cameras. &nbsp;You could also ask at a second hand camera shop for fungus-ridden or scratched lenses.
&nbsp;I'm in oregon, I can go anywhere in ORegon and washington though.
I just found this site which seems to have a Goodwill site (with a store search) and Finders Keepers looks like a good place to look because it has more than just clothing. &nbsp;You can also look at pawn shops and even put an ad in any local classified ad papers.....<a href="http://oregon.uscity.net/Thrift_Stores/" rel="nofollow"><br /> <br /> oregon.uscity.net/Thrift_Stores/</a>
Awesome, no doubt that I have to try this. <br /> I'm visioning a completely tricked out travel mug.<br /> <br /> I just bought two second hand lenses off trademe, so if they turn out to be crap hello new mug!<br />
I ran into the opposite problem. &nbsp;I was looking for crap lenses (under $10) on trademe but the first three were too nice to tear apart!<br /> <br /> Post pics when you do your mug!
<p>lmao yellow snow hahahahahaha</p>
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH<br /> AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA<br /> AHAHAHAHAHA<br /> HEHEHEHE<br /> HOHO hehe<br /> haha ho he<br /> hah<br /> <br /> This is a winner. 5*<br />
Make the lens cap watertight add a bigger lense and some insulation foam and you have a thermos !!<br />
&nbsp;Awesome idea! I'm looking forward to the photos!
&nbsp;I LOVE this idea, I never saw the photoshopped one before but if I had I too would have had to have/make one. Great job.
Very creative and would make an excellent gift for a photographer friend/relative! <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
&nbsp;Thanks for the encouraging comment. &nbsp;I hope others make conversions and share their experiences (and photos!).
Beautiful! I've wanted to do this but never gotten around to finding an old lens and tearing it apart.&nbsp; <br />

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