Picture of Great Vinyl Decals
When making vinyl decals on a vinyl cutter it is important to do each step carefully to get the best end results. Based on previous experience if you are new to vinyl decals it is good to keep your sheet of vinyl decals to about 16-20 decals until you have created several sheets and not made any errors. A simple error while cutting decals can ruin an entire sheet.

Take your time and do a great job making amazing vinyl decals

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Step 1: Print Vinyl Decals : PUCI Decals example

Picture of Print Vinyl Decals : PUCI Decals example
Print out a full sheet of 16-20 vinyl decals from the vinyl cutter and make sure to enable printing to put in helper lines around each of the vinyl decals for easier weeding. the helper lines can be manually added for the vinyl cutter machine by making  a square around each decal or by using the print menu settings for easy weeding.