Great White Shark Attack Playable Birthday Cake





Introduction: Great White Shark Attack Playable Birthday Cake

My son Ben is crazy about wildlife and his favourite TV show is Deadly 60 with Steve Backshall, so a Great White Shark was the perfect specimen for his 7th birthday cake.

I built it as if it was breaching out of the water to attack and wanted to add a playful twist to the occasion so I added a lucky dip game inside the stomach of this tasty apex predator - the idea being that the kids would have to carefully put their arm into the belly of the beast and fish out squidgy treats without touching its sugary sharp teeth.

Here's the video of how it was made and Ben and his friends enjoying it.

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    Okay.... first, the angry birds cake... and now THIS?! AMAZING your son is the luckiest kid on earth! Please keep these coming!

    1 reply

    Thanks Angela! That's very kind :) Lucky to have a great son and a lovely daughter, so making cakes for them is a blast. Thankfully I've only got two kids so only two cakes a year. Don't think I could handle any more!

    Wow! This is superb as far as shark cakes go. Thanks for the Instructable!

    Wow amazing cake! I would like to make one for my son. What kind of icing did you use? Thx for sharing

    there is not a word that discribs how AWSOME THIS IS!

    awesome but it kinda looks like a toilet when it doesn't have teeth

    4 replies

    I did find myself thinking that too when I was building it. It's brilliant how a set of sharp teeth and lifeless black eyes can transform a common loo into a nightmarish killing machine! ;)

    indeed friend indeed maybe you should make an evil toilet

    You you've given me a truely horrible idea.

    ow i just love truly horrible ideas please do what you want to do please

    how cool and easy to do idea. love it!!
    thinking to do the same to my nephew..he just love sharks!!

    Awesome! 5 stars!!

    you have my are the obvious winner as far as i can see.
    should i even try to enter?? :-D

    Took just over 5 hours. I set myself a rule that a birthday cake for the kids can never take up more than 24 hours - concept, sketching, going to the supermarket, and construction! I'll see if I can dig out my original sketch and post it here.

    Well played : ) I liked where u were coming from with the whole "were gonna need a bigger bowl".

    I think we need a bigger knife. Very cool!