This is an awesome prank to do at your work place or school. your prankee wil be clicking for hours.

Step 1: Copy Their Desk Top Picture

all you have to do is press the prt scr/syssqr button (the print screen button)

Step 2: Cut All Their Icons

First select an icon and then right click and click on cut and paste it into the recycle bin. do this to all the icons

Step 3: New Backround

now paste the image from step number one and your done it should look like the picture below

Step 4: The Return of the Icons

all you have to do is put the icons back from the recycle bin to remove this harmless prank
<p>Instead of copying icons one after the other you can simply right click on desktop and in Arrange Icon By option untick the Show Desktop Icons. </p><p>Or rather than hiding the icons you can change the icon of any program... by Right click on desktop &gt; Properties &gt; Desktop &gt; Customize Desktop &gt; (Select icon and change it...) ;-)</p>
<p>Did a variant to this on a few computers for fun. Print Screen, paste in Paint. Copy the icons over and over to random places so it looks like a crazy mahjong game. Set as desktop. Autohide taskbar. Click on area of desk top, use arrow keys to move through the icons, and move them around. They usually never go low enough to bring the taskbar up, and most basic computer users rarely use the Windows key, too mouse dependent. Lots of fun, unless the recipient calls the boss about his computer malfunction which causes boss stress, luckily I was the one they called to fix it so I quietly removed it as the boss ran around panicking checking the other computers about a virus in the system. </p>
<p>I did this to one of my techs back in the mid 90's. He spent about 15 minutes to figure it out (by the way, you want to select the task bar to hide so they cannot click on the start button) He never left his screen unlocked again.....</p>
Instead of moving all the icons to the recycle bin, you can just right-click the desktop to get the option to show/hide desktop icons.
Please , send me all the computer weaknesses..<br>And i want all the tricks how to hack a computer......
Actually, all you have to do is right click on the desktop, go to arrange icons. One item should have a check mark by it saying "show desktop icons". click on this and the icons will disappear.
No but then they would know that somethin is up immeadietly. (I know that it's late.)
thats the easyer way
What i did was i cut and pasted it into my pic. library then if u want to undo it, u right click on it click send to, then click desktop. another copy will appear on ur desktop. though one copy will stay in ur pic. library, unless u delete it.
I did a variation of this one at work.&nbsp; It was a lot quicker than this and required only a few keystrokes.&nbsp;&nbsp;<em> Print Screen</em>.&nbsp; Open Paint, <em>Paste</em>, <em>Flip</em>, <em>Horizontal</em>, <em>View Bitmap</em>.&nbsp; A few chuckles from your co-worker, nobody gets fired and back to work.<br />
There is a problem, not all of the icons can be cut and secondly how do you paste the image?<br />
another great prank... go into someone's word program. go to their automatic spell check. add words in there that they will definitely use and make it change them to something else... like, make it change the article "a" to "duck" and "the" to "dog food" did this to a friend once... i don't think he was too happy. but it was funny to me. i think i had about 20 words changed in there.
u could rightclick on the desktop select "arrange icons by..." and deselect "show desktop icons" instead of putting them all into the recycle bin.
Dude all good but there is a program: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.snapfiles.com/get/transbar.html">http://www.snapfiles.com/get/transbar.html</a><br/>wat u do is put this on th comp then set it to start with windows and if you set the slider to invisible (not 0% opaque) you cant use the taskbar ...<br/><br/>even better<br/>
something else you can do after you set that as the back ground is open task manager go to processes and kill explorer.exe . then you can't use the start bar either =]. to get back simply open task manager click run and type in explorer<br/>
Or you could just have the icons hidden right click :.....Hide icons good prank though! it would stir up the "expert" that would not be able to do anything!
The simpler (and decidedly more sinister) method: 1 Download a program which will make the taskbar transparent (Transbar, for instance); 2 Right click and select Hide Icons; 3 Run the program listed above and set the bar to totally transparent, then press OK/close the dialog; 4 Select the previously captured image (or not) in Desktop Properties and click OK.. You're done. Unless your hapless victim has a program launcher running in the background someplace, his/her ONLY way back into the computer will be through the right-click menu or by pressing the Windows button on the keyboard. I figure this is good for about a minute or so of stark panic for the average user. :-)
If you want to get creative with it take a screen shot of the screen saver instead of the desktop and then set the taskbar to auto hide.
This has been done already
You can also right click on the desktop and unclick "show icons" under "arrange icons" to get rid of the real icons in this step. It's a little bit quicker this way.
If you right-click anywhere on your desktop you can hide the icons easily without deleting them to the recycling bin. Just right-click and unclick the "hide" button to undo the prank.

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