Great Key Card Prank





Introduction: Great Key Card Prank

Do you have access cards with the magnetic stripe at your business? This is a very simple and quick prank thats really funny too.

Step 1: The Tape...

All you need is tape and access to your workers key card, which might be tricky in some situations.

Just tape over the magnetic stripe and push out all the air bubbles and you're done! My dad tried it at his work and his friend was getting really angry at the machine for denying it all the time. Be sure to let them in on the joke before their head explodes! That would be bad. = )



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    Another permanent way to do it is just swipe a magnet over it and It will scramble up the card.

    (I think...)

    I had that happen with a cell phone.

    Two things about that, one that would destory the card, and it wouldn't be a prank anymore. And two, the magnet can't touch the magnet to scramble it. It needs to be about a mm away to make all the particles face in one direction.

    i use black electrical tape cut to size at a hotel on the card hehe we got a new room ...shhhh

    The mean swine only give me a new card  :(


    it you REALLY wanna be sadistic you could always glue a tiny magnet below the reader slot so anyone who tries to key in gets there badge whiped ...i wouldn't do this for a place you actually worked YOU WOULD get fired

    that's just... just evil. I like that idea.

    I have my moments