Great Knex Rifle





Introduction: Great Knex Rifle

I was tinkering with a new trigger system for a rubberband gun and this is what I came up with. so build it, leave a ton of comments, and tell your butt buddies I mean best buddies.
so lets start

Step 1: The Stock

this is the stock. follow pics.

Step 2: Middle Thing

middle thing follow pics.

Step 3: Barrel

this is the barrel. it is the same as the sipriani rifle which rocks your roosters. follow pics.

Step 4: Connections

this is how you connect the gun. it may be a little flimsy.

Step 5: Rubberband Placement

place the rubberband here

Step 6: Bullet


Step 7: Loading and Shooting

loading and shooting just push down on that white rod attached to the orange connector.

Step 8:

finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now leave a ton of comments please. and any mods remember to ask me first.



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    it actually shoots peices and i built it and this gun shots the farthest then any other gun ive built. Look at step 6. i used a shorter rod then the red one though.

    no, it shoots yo mama. you should actually read the instructible before you post

    you said on the intro it was a rubber band gun.

    wow, 1 month 9 days, you must be a speed demon yes it fires rubber bands!

    And if it fires rubber bands, why does it need a bullet ?

    Because bullets are much more powerful than rubber bands


    This gun is awesome. Mine goes 100 feet. It can go through cardboard easily. Thanks!

    this is copying the sipriani rifle

    You took the words right out of my mouth IaC!