Here I'll show you How to make a Mini Flame "Thrower" from Matches.

Step 1: What You Will Need

What you need Is:
1. a Few matches (I used 10, but The More, the Better)
2. Tin Foil.
3. Tape. (Not Actually Needed, unless You don't have Tin Foil)

Step 2: Making It

Get Your Matches and put Them on The Tin Foil and just roll it sideways. You may want to make a smaller Front, cover up a Few of the heads, but not all of them. Then the fire will be smaller, but will Shoot further.

Step 3: Using It

Just light it with an another Match and watch the Fire Shoot out. More Matches, bigger Flame.
This is very nice for Parties, special occasions like Weddings, New Year...

Step 4: Warning!!!

Don't use it indoors, because some items may catch fire.
Not for children, always be careful with fire.
The fire shoots out the Front, so don't point it to your face or any other, Breathing or not, object.
Use under adult supervision.
flame throwers use a liquid to actually "throw" the fire this is a concentrated fireball

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