Great Pocket-sized Puzzle





Introduction: Great Pocket-sized Puzzle

This puzzle is a great nerve racker, this thing will eat your brain for lunch!

Step 1: Materials

This a very good/ easy puzzle to make all you need is:
Cardboard, any size will do
String, any kind will do
A small key or a ring

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

Cut the cardboard to the size you wish, I keep mine about palm size

Step 3: Cut Your String

Cut the string to about a 1 foot and tie a knot around one end.

Step 4: The Making of the Puzzle

Make two small holes at the sides of the piece of cardboard
Make a third larger hole in the middle but make sure the key/ring can't pass through it.
Put the string through on of the holes until it catches on the knot you made.
Then put it through the center hole and loop it around the string. Make sure your key/ring is on it.
Then run it through the hole again then string it through the loop.

Step 5: Ta Da!

Finish it off and, there you have it!

Your puzzle is now finished!
The objective is to get the ring to the other loop, ca you do it?

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tell me something i dont know

um.. you won a lifetime supply of oxygen?

ya, and you can see the difference of the edges of the holes. some are dented and also, different shaped.

the fifth picture on this step is very confusing.....can you explain what our doing here to me?

1 reply

the end of the string loops back into the hole and down again to make it look like picture six.

What's the solution?
Need it for the one I made.


ok, i give up, whats the solution PLEASE!! made the puzzle but cant get the same solution look as you do, what am i missing?

2 replies

thanks for making it! I will post the solution whenever I get the time. possibly tomorrow.

It's way past tomorrow.

The original name for this puzzle is "love's puzzle" and it originally had two heart-shaped beads on each side. The goal was to get both beads on one side. It can be found in a book called "The book of five hundred puzzles and curious paradoxes".

i tried this puzzle on my brother and my dad and neither of them could solve it!

 have you flipped it... see the contour lines on card

 Iridium7 can you please put up a solution as im doubting as to how you do it. PLEASE im begging you. Ive spent like 2 hours trying to do it

that is a pretty good idea! its simple but yet no one thought of it yet. good job.