Introduction: Hammerhead C-588 [Better Invention]

Picture of Hammerhead C-588 [Better Invention]

How to make the Greatest Paper Airplane Ever [Better invention].

You need:
A4 Paper

Paper Clip

Use scrap paper insted of plain paper.
Re-use paper everytime you throw the paper airplane.
Don't waste paper.

Step 1: The Start.

Picture of The Start.

Get a A4 paper and fold it in half and open it up.

Step 2: Next.

Picture of Next.

Fold the mid line to side and then open it up and do the other side, now turn the paper over and fold the edge of the side of the mid line to side line, like picture 5.

Step 3: Then.

Picture of Then.

Then, fold the line and then turn the paper around and fold the mid side and open it up. 

Step 4: Then.

Picture of Then.

After that, it should look like the main picture, then fold the mid to side and point by the side mid creased line and do it on the other and turn over. 

Step 5: Then.

Picture of Then.

Fold the side to mid 2 end line, 1 by the side and 1 by the mid line, then turn over. 

Step 6: Then.

Picture of Then.

Then fold the line to the point at the top end and turn over.

Step 7: After.

Picture of After.

Fold the mid to tip end side and turn over.

Step 8: Open It!

Picture of Open It!

Open the middle hole and then press it down, then fold the flip.

Step 9: Finally.

Picture of Finally.

Finally, fold the mid line in half and then fold the mid bottom in half and lastly, fold the tip down to the mid side end. And your done!

Step 10: Finished Modle.

Picture of Finished Modle.

Now have a flight!

Step 11: Paper Clip. Option.

Picture of Paper Clip. Option.

Put the optional paper clip that will make the plane go faster and accelerate better.

Step 12: Design Plane.

Picture of Design Plane.

Design your plane like this blue sport plane.


A flyin muffin (author)2011-02-19

Do you have a phone? The pictures taken from a phone's camera would be much better.

wat. (author)A flyin muffin2011-06-26

Yes I do but I use to take it from a web cam now there is no point or hard to pic in my new netbook.

wat. (author)2010-09-15

I'm sorry the vidio is a download vidio.

mr.incredible (author)2010-09-13

Right now! Grainy.

wat. (author)mr.incredible2010-09-13


wat. (author)2010-09-13

Comment about this plane now!

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