Step 2: Layer #1

Take out your instant brownie mix and follow the directions on the back of the box. Once you have mixed in all the ingredients and taken it out of the oven, let it cool completely . DO NOT put it in the refrigerator this might wreck the brownies!
<p>We did a version of this in my kitchen, except we used actual marshmallow minis. Once the brownies came out we covered it in mini marshmallows and cooked them for just a few minutes (enough to lightly brown them) and then removed them from the oven. While that was cooling we made the same topping and evenly spread it, like mentioned in the recipe here. The 2 layers kept the marshmallow center from hardening. I think the real marshmallows are more tasty, but then again I'm a sucker for marshmallows. :P</p>
I will make these for my grandkids, we don't eat marshmellow because of the gelatin in them so this will be fun :~D
good idea!!!
Nice! They look great! -PKT
So i was looking at these.... i havent had any in a while..... i seriously need to make some... I gots a friend who is on instructables that makes these so well.... he needs to come over this weekend so he can make them PERFECT :)
these look delish!
They are awesome!!!!!!!
I love you. +5/5 stars.
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Gotta say these are the BEST EVER!!! Made correctly, they taste like chocolate heaven!!!
Pretty awesome. I don't usually make brownies (or anything that involves a stove), but I might try something like this for Halloween.

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