Greek Fire From Percy Jackson





Introduction: Greek Fire From Percy Jackson

This craft is very simple and is very easy to compromise if you don't have the things for it.

Step 1: Supplies

For this you will need,

•glass bottle (you can use whatever material plastic or glass but it looks better with glass)
•hot glue and hot glue gun
•green paint
•brown felt

Step 2: Put Some Paint and Water in the Bottle

put as much water and paint that looks right, keep in mind you want the water green but not dark green. Get something to stir it with and stir it until it looks good

Step 3: Put the Felt On

Get the felt cut a rectangle and glue it on the bottle.

Note: you may want to glue the bottle cap back on

Step 4: The Label

Write Greek Fire on a piece of paper glue it to the bottle and you done!



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I'm going to make a smaller version of this and wear it as a necklace. Thanks for the tutorial!

No it hasn't with mine so far if it does you can jut stir it with something or maybe put a marker (green) in there I know it sound weird but the first time I made one I did that and it worked well.

Cool! Have you noticed if the paint and water separate at all?