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Introduction: Greek Mythology Party

For  a themed birthday party, I went all out and had a Greek Mythology Party...EVERYONE had to come dressed as their favorite Greek Mythology character and could only use things from around the house to make their costume...(This would come into play when we had the best dressed/most creative costume contest).  Food consisted of an assortment of cheeses and grapes, Greek Salad, Baklava, and cracker bread sandwiches.  And best of all...the Cakes!  I made a golden fleece cake(using the lamb cake pan from Easter) and a Medusa head cake (complete with gummy worms for her hair!).  The following were games played at our Greek Olympics:

1. ACHILLES' HEEL- Gods and Goddesses used a bow and arrow to shoot at Achilles' heel.  The person closest to the heel won!

2. DISCUS THROW- Gods and Goddess threw a discus (frisbees) into a target (frisbee golf hole).  The person who got the discus into the target in the least amount of throws wins!

3. BEHEADING MEDUSA- Gods and Goddess took turns trying to behead Medusa (Medusa was a candy-filled pinata).  Everyone won!

We ended our party indoors by watching, the original, "Clash of the Titans."



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