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Here's how to make a sturdy, green 9 volt LED flashlight that's great for night time airsoft battles.

Step 1: Materials

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-4 Green 9-12 volt LEDs
-Push button switch
-9 volt battery
-9 volt battery snap
-Electrical tape
-Sturdy paper towel or ceramic wrap roll
-Aluminum foil
-Small zip ties


-Soldering iron
-Hot glue gun
-Wire cutters
-Flathead screwdriver
-Plywood (1 1/8 in. wide, about 1/3 thick and 1 1/2 in long)

Step 2: Led Holder

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To keep the LEDs in place, I used a small scrape of plywood  that fit tightly inside the housing.  Position the LEDs as close as possible to each other to make the light more concentrated.  Wrap the block in electrical tape to hold the LEDs in tightly.

Step 3: Prepare the LEDs

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To make everything fit inside the housing better,  cut the wires of the LEDs to about half their size and strip the wires longer (Only if you bought them from the link).  Solder all the positives together, and all the negatives together.  Zip tie the wires together.

Step 4: Prepare the Housing

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For a small, sturdy housing, a used the tube from ceramic wrap.  Cut the tube to about half its size.  I used a switch from an old computer tower, nice and square shaped.  In the back of the housing, trace out the switch and cut out a hole for it.

Step 5: Wiring

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Step 6: Results

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littlewit (author)2011-08-27

In the military, we use red lights. Red does not dilate your pupils so when you turn it off you eyes do not have to re adjust.
Also, red light does not travel as far. It illuminates what is close to you but from a few hundred meters, the light dissipates and you cannot see it.

BrianKT (author)2010-11-26

Wouldn't you want red LEDs? Red is best used for night ops because red doesn't destroy your night vision.

HarveyH44 (author)BrianKT2010-11-27

True, but aren't your eyes more sensitive to green, where you perceive it as brighter, more illumination? Also, would you be pointing it at other players, more destroying their night vision... Green LEDs only need about 2.7 volts, your 12 volt ones have a resistor to drop the higher voltage, which wastes a considerable amount of your battery life, which isn't much from a 9 volt. Is a great tool for better matching your LEDs to you battery. Resistors are cheap and easy.

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