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Green beer is popular during St. Patrick's Day when people like everything and anything green, but it's also a fun thing to do on any day when you want feel envious or get intoxicated on the environmental movement. Here it is, how to make green beer!

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials

To make green beer you need just three things:

  • beer
  • a glass
  • green food coloring

On St. Patrick's Day people might want to support the Irish and drink beer from the motherland, but, on any other day, it's important to note that the beer doesn't have to come from Ireland in order to make it green. It works with America's own pride and joy Budweiser just as well, and any other brand of beer for that matter.
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xintus4 years ago
This is the worst method I ever saw...
chaceangel4 years ago
its good beer man. and a lot better green.\
skrubol4 years ago
I found a couple drops of blue per pitcher works for a light green, and then it doesn't turn everything the beer touches color like using this much green food coloring will.
I want to know how to make dark beers green. My rule of thumb for beers I like are if you hold it up to a light and can see through it, it isn't dark enough. :-)
Illuminati5 years ago
I wouldn't advice putting food coloring in good beer but good god man get yourself some quality beer.
shooby6 years ago
Any Americans here actually know why we celebrate St. Pattty's day?
That's the day Saint Patrick drove the serpents out of Ireland, except there were never snakes in Ireland so that welsh man got credit for nothing!
     The "snakes" were allegedly the British (protestants) but if you said it out loud you went to the tower.
"cause there aint no holiday between valentine's day and memorial day and hallmark was getting nervous!" (J/K)
m3harri shooby6 years ago
Because we can
It's a tradition that came over when the Irish came. And the reason why there are so many Irish and alcohol jokes is because we enjoy life.
No, but I know that wearing green is a misconception. Wearing green gets you pranked by the leprechauns. You're supposed to wear blue.
kog103 shooby6 years ago
Isn't it that we celebrate it in Ireland because that is when we think he died, and he is our patron saint.
get em patrick
ravebot shooby6 years ago
so we can get drunk
bubba77 shooby6 years ago
an excuse to get drunk lol
THANK YOU!!!!!!11
mikemurray5 years ago
This "instructable" is a colossal waste of time.  You can sum it up in a single sentence. 

'Add some green food colouring to some lager or beer.'

noahw (author)  mikemurray5 years ago
I'm sorry that you didn't find it to be a more valuable piece of content.  If the content weren't free, I'd offer you a refund.
the crowing5 years ago
Good ol' green beer. I am kinda disappointed to see Bud being poured into the Celebration Ale glass tho ;) it's one of my favorite seasonal beers along with the Rahr Whiskey Winter Warmer.
thejimster5 years ago
Hmm.. green beer you say... neah, I would never trade the pure blond aspect of my beer with anything else, even if it's a special holiday.
 Love the Budweiser in the Sierra Nevada Glass, the color only makes it that much more enjoyable.... :)
vadios5 years ago
actually you can try to make it blue or black, or even pink (some kind of a girlish variant) 
cx420ns5 years ago
the bars here aren't allowed to make green beer anymore, they have to give you the coloring to do it yourself. i cannot remember why though.
RealMen5 years ago
It should be noted that this won't work as well with darker beers. You can put a whole bottle of green color into a pint of Guiness, but you won't be able to tell the difference excepting in the head.
10 out of ten, love all things green
but what colour is it when u pee?
actually i found out thru process of elimination, Blue Game Fuel Mt Dew, turns your fecal matter green!
Thats......... .........Disturbing
vandal11386 years ago
Real men snort the food coloring and then beer bong 40s til green foam sprays from your head.
i fell over laughing, cause here, its actually true!
I think I would actually pay to see this....
This wouldnt work with good 'ole irish Guinness =(

Although you could dye the foam green ! =D
yum ! btw nice instructable
vanbo6 years ago
Euch... Budweiser
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