I have built a binary counter without using decoder. The diodes do the magic while the materials are: 1-7490 counter, 4-1N914 diodes, 1-555 timer, 2-4.7Kohm, 1-100uF capacitor, and 4-5mm LED's.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

1 IC7490

1 14-pin socket

1 8-pin socket

1 IC555

1 PCB Jameco 105100

4 5mm LED's any color

2 4.7K resistor

1 100uF capacitor

4 1N914 diode

<p>what are the purposes of this? besides being a counter?<br>and what application may I use this?<br></p>
<p>I did this instructable because I later want to build a binary clock.</p>
<p>Binary counter was a great challenge.</p>
<p>that's cool for you buddy but what is the use of this? but I can't deny how cool is your circuit board I love it.</p>

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