Here's a children's umbrella lined with neon green EL wire.  It's definitely an easy and fun project for kids to do with their parents, and more importantly, it keeps the little mischiefs safer if they're out and about on rainy days.

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1. Clear Umbrella
2. 30' of EZ-El Wire
3. Opaque Zipties
4. Clear Packaging Tape
5. Green and Brown Felt
6. Needle and Thread
7. Quilt Stuffing
8. Scissors
9. X-Acto Knife

Step 1: Start at the Handle

Start the wire near the handle of the umbrella, where the inverter will go, and move up the shaft to the neck. At the neck, tape the EL wire to it by wrapping tape around the shaft and wire. 
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!
its so cool <br>very well <br>
very creative, and yet so simple, way to go!
very cool looking!
Well, isn't that the most simple and impressive looking way of doing things. Nice!

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