Introduction: Green Chilli Lemon Juice

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Green chilli lemon juice is a very spicy and hot drink which gives a good feel after drinking it. It is very easy to make with some lemons and Green chilli. It refreshes you during summer with its spicy flavour.

Step 1: Ingredients/ Utensils Required

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Green Chilli





Bowl(if required)

Step 2: How to Make?

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First of all take lemon, cut it & squeeze it in a bowl as much as you need

Then add some salt to it as per your requirement.

Then stir it.

Step 3:

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After that take it in a glass

Then take green chilli, cut it from middle as shown in pic, hold the chilli like shown in pic and stir with spoon.

After that take one two chillies cut it from middle, cut the stem of chilli and put it in glass, stir with spoon and leave it for 4-5 min , stir it after 2 mins gap to get Flavour of chilli

After sometime finally stir it well and it is ready.

You can drink it after removing chillies and or with it as you like.

Enjoy the drink..


That Redhead (author)2016-04-20

Love spicy! I will have to try this! Best of luck!

Lady Judy (author)2016-03-31

Woww.... you're so cute!! It really really hottt >-< I voted you! Would you like to see my Instructables's home? Thank u so muchh;))

DaniyaalS (author)2016-03-24

it a hot and sour one

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