This is a knex sniper that I have been working of for about a week and I want to get your (instructables community) opinion on it. It shoots around 30-40 feet with two #64 rubber bands. I also think I have thought of a new stalk design. Which means I haven't seen it on YouTube nor Instructables. The butt is from Gorkems sniper, the barrel extension is the base idea from Mepains sniper, and the end of the barrel is also the idea used on Mepains sniper. I hope posting these things on it will not influence anger apon myself from Gorkem or Mepain. Which, might I add, are very talented knex builders.
it looks like a b****
r u gonna give instructions because I hate the people who just show off the gun but don't show u how to make it <br> <br>
Looks ugly, i would recommend working on its appearance.
<br> <strong>POST</strong><br> <br>
this is a poor copy or gorkems sniper rifle
looks flimsy.<br />
looks awsome! can u please&nbsp;make an instructable, i would love to make this gun.&nbsp;
&quot;The <em>stalk</em> of the plant&quot;?<br/>
Yeah, the stalk is what connects the upper and lower receiver to the stock/butt.
looks weak
It is...
snot (lol) really, it stung my mate <em><strong>and</strong></em> he was expecting it which makes it hurt less. This was from about 30ft.<br/>
I would like it if you would post an Instructable on it.
If you wont post it i will make it and post it for you
I'm going to wait to see what other ppl think and then post..... I now have it up to 3 #64 rubberbands... about 45 ft!!
Check my sniper out, it shoots about 80ft with four bands.
<ul class="curly"><li>I've also updated it so it doesn't bend when you pull the firing pin back.</li></ul>
i really like ur gun <br/>tell me what you think of mine?<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/TRUELY-semi-auto-knex-gun/">https://www.instructables.com/id/TRUELY-semi-auto-knex-gun/</a><br/>
I've watched that video numerous times and I really like how it looks but a suggestion.... the stalk needs improvement so it doesn't bend, but I love how you came up with a new design. I'm sure many people will be using it in their guns soon.
you spelled stock wrong
It looks ok, but the only thing i really like is the stock
Looks like a gork but thinner hmm i like it =)<br/>
looks like an anorexic version of gorkem's sniper
The but is gorkem's but turned upside down. Otherwise, I think it is a good gun.

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