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Introduction: Green Eyes

About: Principal of Alibi Studio | Director of MS Digital and Material Technologies, University of Michigan | Associate Professor of Architecture

This Instructable looks at how to create unique images shot through custom glass lenses.

Step 1: Custom Glass Lenses

Find yourself in a glass blowing shop where all sorts of glass forms can be created. Add color as desired. In this case, I went with green, and thus Green Eyes.

Step 2: Finish the Lenses

Prepare the lens with various coldworking techniques including cutting and polishing so the glass is easy to handle.

Step 3: Couple It With a Camera

Grab your favorite camera and experiment with the distortions that are possible.

Step 4: Go Out Into the World

Go to some of your favorite places and start seeing the world through the custom lens. Adjust its position and angle so that the camera and the lens distort the spaces beyond.

Step 5: Curate

Choose your favorite photos and make a series.



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