Step 2: Combine

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Discard yolks or save for a yummy Irish Cream Creme brulee, Add the vanilla and the oil. Beat until frothy but not firm

Add all the dry ingredients, sift flour into bowl, and mix so there're no lumps.

Add the green water, blend.

Keep stirring until the mixture most closely resembles pancake batter

Very cool.&nbsp; And this would be great for April 1st too (maladjusted fortunes inside the cookies ;-)&nbsp; <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
You could just make the fortune cookies taste really bad...<br /> <br /> (Add lots of cayenne pepper, etc.)&nbsp;
Hmmm,&nbsp; hot fortune cookies,&nbsp; actually sounds kind of good.....like Jalepeno chocolate cake (yes there is at least ONE instructable out there with this)
I always thought that fake fortunes was a good idea.&nbsp; Just something simple like &quot;watch your back&quot; or &quot;Do not fly&quot;.<br />
Or even slightly more funny:&nbsp;&nbsp; Look out below&nbsp;! <br /> or&nbsp;&nbsp; don't look now....&nbsp; <br /> <br /> :-)&nbsp;
You missed the step where you add weed <br />
Where in humpty dumpty did it say he was an egg???????
huh, never thought about that!
That's cool! Are you married?
Very nice. I'm definitely gonna try these this SPD. And just so you know, you can add multiple photos per step. What you did works, but it may make it easier and less time consuming in the future. Thanks for the Instructable!!
Do they taste good like actual fortune cookies form a chinese resturant?
this is so cool... now how to fill it with alcohol.......
So, what is the purpose of the muffin pan?
You place the cookies in the muffin pan to cool so it can keep it's shape. I guess that wasn't too clear.
Awesome! I have always wondered how they made fortune cookies-- now I know how they make <em>green</em> ones. :P<br/>
maybe go back and clean up the text for your instructable, for some reason this site doesn't like it when you copy and paste text from Word as it can't read the 's. Fun instructable too! Green cookies to go with my green beer, and eggs and ham.
Bwaaaa? I don't believe!!!
Not listed in ingredients: leprechaun dust in steps 5 and 6. :D very sweet!
Sweet! Yet another green food for green day.

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