Green Gift Wrapping


Introduction: Green Gift Wrapping

reuse old news paper and wrap presents in your own unique style.

Its pretty strait forward and will look a lot better than you would think

Step 1: Get the Stuff & Plan It Out

get your: present, tape/scissors, and news paper ready
you might also want to grab a shoe box

Think what do you have to wrap?
Some presents will be easy to guess just by looking at their profile
You dont want to hear things shaking and rattling around so you need to pack box with paper.

Im wrapping a screw driver set, tire pressure gage, basting brush, and measuring cup. Putting them all in one box will leave my mom clueless.

Step 2: Start Wrapping

Now just wrap the present like you would any other. Make sure all your folds are nice and sharp and you dont rip the paper. For small things one sheet of paper will be easy. a shoe box sized object will need a little more then 1sheet see pic (11-12).

Start by lining up box/object with the center fold and taping it.
On opposite side repeat. And tape to side. '

If you need to add another sheet now is the time to do it. Line them up and tape together.

Step 3: Finish It Up

now just finish the end off like it was normal gift wrap.



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    When I travel out of the country I always bring back the newspapers for wrapping presents - Japanese ones, Icelandic etc. Anything in another language looks cool as wrapping paper. I have used old charts, maps and architectural plans too. I have some old atlases that are really large and I use pages from them - everyone always knows which presents are from me.

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    Children may like the comic section as wrapping for their gift. This idea can also be used for birthdays, and other gift giving occasions.

    Funny Filipino story:

    After i made this for my grandparents birth day they saw it and they opend it by not ripping the wrap up. they cut and untape it and kept the newspaper wrap for my chrismas present.

    I use a mix of old newspapers and flyers from shops, because they have the glossy, shiny-thing going on. For Christmas i cut out little pics of Santa's, reindeer and trees and paste them on, which looks pretty cool on a newspaper.

    Hi I'm from Ecuador. Your instructable is very funny! LOL!!!!

    Nice. The camo sheets make it seem like you are camping.

    I always wrap my gifts with newspaper. Have for years. The best part is making the bows from it!

    THATS MY GRANDPAS IDEA YOU STOLE IT!! ha jk jk but my grandpa uses that method. sweet instructable though.