I was trying to come up with an instructable to enter in the Halloween contest when the Pom bottle caught my eye.  It's shape screamed "spider!".  All the materials are things that were around my house.  You don't have to stick to my list, just substitute whaterver you have that will work in it's place.

Step 1: Materials

plastic bottle
fuzzy yarn
1 sock
1/2 of a plastic Easter egg- a small ball would work
spray paint
needle & strong thread/floss

wire cutters
saw- this is my only saw- one with a finer blade would probably be better- maybe a hacksaw? I tried a bread knife as well, but it was about as effective as the saw.
It's black. Nice instructable anyway, but might want to fix that. :)
Thanks Jaxton- don't know how that happened! must fix-

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