Picture of Green Halloween Eel Costume
This project was part of the new technology curriculum at my school.  The project incorporated the idea of going green with a marine theme.  Our school is close to an ocean, so incorporating a marine theme into out work is common.  For this project, we made marine themed costumes out of only cardboard.  There is no tape, glue, or any other bindings.  My group decided to have use Marine Nektons (freely swimming creatures) as our theme.  I made a Moray Eel, which was fun to make.  My group helped me out along the way, and I helped them.  Our final projects came out nice.

Design and develop a recycled costume that is interesting and uses only slotted construction.

Must fit middle school children
Must allow easy movement
Child can reach door

fits a 46" tall child
Not bulky
No dangerous parts

Step 1:

Picture of
Supply List

ITEM          MATERIAL DESCRIPTION          QTY          SIZE                 REMARKS - PART
S1               CARDBOARD                                   9              48" X 24"       FRONT AND BACK BODY
                                                                                                 24" X 3"         CONNECTOR
                                                                                                 12" X 6"         JAW
                                                                                                 36" X 2 1/2"  SHOULDER STRAPS
                                                                                                 36" X 8"         CAUDAL FIN


T1               CUTTING MAT                               PROVIDE SAFE AREA TO CUT ON
T2               UTILITY KNIFE                               CUT CARDBOARD
T3               RULER                                            ASSIST IN DRAWING STRAIGHT LINES AND MEASURING
T4               PENCIL                                           OUTLINE CUT