Green Home Built Scrambler From a Yamaha Y100 - KTimHA





Introduction: Green Home Built Scrambler From a Yamaha Y100 - KTimHA

Converted an abandoned Yamaha Sports Y100, 2 Stroker to a Green,Reduce ,Reuse and Recycle Utility Scrambler by just changing the Front Fork and raising the rear Suspension to the new front height accordingly.
A CR150 Dirt Bike Body kit was purchased for just over USD120 
This kit comprises the Front Fender, Front Number Plate, Fuel Tank, 2 Tank Covers, Seat, 2 rear Side Covers and a Rear Fender.
A bracket was made for the new seat to sit on raising it 4" to flush with the angle of the new Tank.
The Front fork was changed to a RXZ Fork to get extra Travel raising the Front to a bout 4".
The Front Rims was changed to a 19" from an original 17" with new dual purpose tyres fitted.
The Rear Wheel was maintained with the Original 17" to cut cost and go Green.
The 2T Oil tank was removed and relocated to the front with parts of an unused Signal n rear Mud Guard fitted.
The original Exhaust Pipe was reused back,raising it to be inclined to the suit the rear Fender.
Finally a Green homebuilt Scrambler -KTimHA ( Color of a KTM,built by Tim on a YAMAHA).



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This is sweet. Any chance of a step-by-step version?

I hope that these pictures will help as Im not good in writing.will try when time avails.Cheers.