Picture of Green Piggy Bank
My cheap and easy version of decoupage.
With limited and very accessible resources, I am presenting a project worth sharing. 
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Step 1: Materials used

Picture of Materials used
Materials used:
1. Plastic bottle (label removed, clean, and dry)
2. Some colored paper
3. Water (approximately 60 ml)
4. Paper glue or all-purpose white glue
5. ordinary plastic tape
6. Double-sided tape
7. Scissors
8. Cutter (or X-acto knife)

Step 2: Basic Parts

Picture of Basic Parts
1. Remove the bottle's neck

2. Cut top portion of the bottle (this will define the size of your piggy bank)

3. Cut the bottom part

4. Obtain a plastic strip from the scrap about 1 cm in width and 2 rounded pieces of what would be the ears.  Shown here are the basic parts you have to prepare.

Step 3: Forming the body

Picture of Forming the body
1.  Cover the opening where you cut the spout from with plastic tape

2.  Make a slit opening where you would drop your coins into

3.  Attach the base of the bottle using plastic tape. Secure it well

4.  Make a ring about 3 inches in diameter out of the plastic strip you prepared earlier as shown in the photo

5.  Attach the ring to the other side of the bottle opposite to the slit opening you just created

bongo girl!4 years ago
i love pigs!!!!!!!!! sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!
ninjacow2584 years ago
this is adorable. cool idea too. but how should i get the money back out...?
hushy (author)  ninjacow2584 years ago
Thank you...
Sad to say with this design, piggy has to be butchered. A utility knife can be used to extend a cut opening of the coin slot in such a way that you can easily get your savings out.
Should you wish to reuse it, I suggest that you make a neat cut opening and seal it close afterwards with plastic tape. From here, make several layers of paper and glue coating (step 4) and ta-da! Piggy's got another life!
strix4 years ago
thank you for good idea.
hushy (author)  strix4 years ago
That's one lovely piggy!

I hope your piggy can meet mine :-D
OrigamiGurl4 years ago
is that pisos?? Philippines?
hushy (author)  OrigamiGurl4 years ago
The smaller one is 1peso while the bigger one (gold) is 5 peso coin.
Yes, from Philippines
foobear4 years ago
Nice job and such nice photographs too. well done!
l8nite4 years ago
very cute and a nice recycle. take it a little further and give it a coat or 3 of artists gesso to smooth the surface and mold the ears in, then a coat of color and clear...hhhmmmmm bet my gdaughter would love a piggy......
hushy (author)  l8nite4 years ago
That would be real nice!
I'd love to see your grandangel's piggy soon!
Thanks a lot!

I wish I have enough time and resources to improve my projects.
I'm really trying my best to make one artwork a day everyday and been keeping up with the daily challenge for almost 2 weeks now.
ChrysN4 years ago
Cute little piggy!