I started cooking with green plantains about four years ago. And now I consider myself a Tosto-Chick, an expert on the fruit treated like a vegetable but never eaten raw. What? No wonder it is so misunderstood, not to mention neglected. Up until recently, there was no functional kitchenware helping with this type of Latin cooking.

There are many ways to prepare green plantains. Today's Instructable will concentrate on tostones rellenos or green plantain cups. The rage from CA to NY and FL, tostones rellenos are a quiet secret even among Latin homes who love their green plantains, but prepare the more traditional tostones or green plantain chips. Remember this: whether chips or cups, the cooking process is the same. The difference is the cut of the plantain.


Don't let the peeling process (a daunting step, I won't kid you) keep you from trying any green plantain recipe. Peeling, that's Step #3 . I've included a video. Short and to the peel.

There's slicing the plantain. - STEP # 2 & STEP #5
Frying the plantain. - STEPS # 8
Molding the plantain. - STEP # 10
Frying the second and last time. STEP # 11

And then the most fun part: THE TOPPING. Choices, choices -- sweet or go savory. Anything goes with the green plantain cups. Think of it as a platform, much like a pizza crust.

1) green plantains, about four
2) knife, timer, and
3) a good eye -- the plantains have to be cut in 1 1/2 inch slices.
4) large bowl with 3 cups of warm water and 4
tablespoons of garlic salt
5) Oil
6) Deep Fryer or Skillet
7) Popcorn Salt

Remember cooking outside our comfort zones can be a little scary. I know it was for me. But don't let that hold you back. Green plantains are not expensive :-) so feel free to not get it quite right the first, second or third time -- it's OK. . . there are no mistakes in cooking!

Actually, before going through the cooking steps, take some time to learn the peeling process.

During that time, shop for a tostonera (that's the gadget that molds the green plantains). Later, I will let you know what I use. Without a functioning tostonera, there is no way I would be able to cook tostones rellenos as much as I do!

Oh, if your supermarket doesn't carry green plantains, ask for them. Sometimes, the department managers are too busy to see what's going on outside their store, culinary wise.

I'm sure they will be happy to help, if asked.

I've also included three video:
1) How to peel.
2) How to slice.
3) And finally, the smashing :-)

Oh, and I'll have tips along the way.


Step 1: Green Plantains 101

These are green plantains.
After 6 months travelling in Central America, I thought I would never want to see a tostone again. After we were back for a few months, we started craving them, and now eat them semi-regularly, with our favorite topping, Jufran Sauce<br /> http://www.ketchupworld.com/inc/sdetail/143, which sounds nasty, but is indispensable.<br />
This is one amazing Instructable -- I sent it off to a friend in Florida who loves tostones but always wanted to see the steps spelled out. Thank you. Whats next?
Thank you! As for what's next --- i might take on a general Instructable on plantains in general.
I love almost any dish with platains! Wow, I could've made something like this! Never came to mind..... Nice!
Keith-Kid -- Curious Do you live in an area where green plantains are easy to get? And how do you eat them? Thanks!
extremely easy to get! In fact, I have a lot of em in my yard! I live in Puerto Rico
as for the ways we eat, them, too many to remember. the toston is very common here. Ill ask my mom about all the different methods.
Keith-Kid thanks. Oh, no no -- I know about Puerto Rico and their love of tostones. If anything ask your mom for her pastele recipe. I LOVE THEM!!!!!
My favorite recipe is probably what is called "pastelon" its basically eggs, meat and plantain in the shape of a cake. Sure, In fact, Ill make a pastele Instructable! P.S. is it pastele or pastel in english?
well written instructable! These look tasty. I also like your bananamasher!
Mikeasaurus -- well, thank you! And my trusty Tostobueno bananamasher thanks you too!!!!

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